Five Common Worries Seniors Face and How You Can Fight Back

October 5, 2018

You’ve accumulated years of wisdom and you’re able to take the time to relax in retirement, enjoying the fruits of years of labor.

However, aging can cause some anxiety. Let’s take a look at some of the common worries seniors face.

1. Loneliness

Relationships can change as you age. You may lose your friends, spouse or other family members to illness or their own aging process.

It’s also common to lose the ability to travel, which makes seeing far-away friends difficult.

There are ways to combat this issue, though.

Fill your calendar with weekly dates with the people you enjoy who are close to you. Having plans on the books every week gives you something fun to look forward to.

If you don’t have friends or family close by, join a social group that meets regularly, like a book club or knitting circle.

2. Loss of independence

One of the common worries seniors face is eventually having to rely on other people. The idea of someone else making decisions for you and having control over your life is scary.

There’s also a loss of dignity that comes with losing a sense of independence, especially if you need help with everyday tasks such as bathing yourself, getting dressed or mobility.

Talk to your family about your feelings and fears. Express your wishes for the future. These steps can be reassuring.

3. Financial burdens

Lack of money can be one of the biggest worries you face as you grow older.

Many seniors have prescription medications and other health-related bills that can be costly.

One of the ways to ease a scary financial situation is to have the right Medicare plan.

Talk to an insurance expert who can help you find the plan that’s suited to your unique needs.

4. Deteriorating health

A physical decline is to be expected when you reach a certain stage of life – and it’s frightening.

Taking care of yourself to the best of your ability can help you feel in control and can actually slow the aging process in many situations. Here are some steps you can take to stay as healthy as you can, for as long as you can.

  • Stay active.
  • Eat well.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Stay up to date on immunizations and health screenings.
  • Manage stress with relaxation techniques like yoga and breathing exercises.

5. Death of a spouse

Perhaps the biggest worry for seniors is the death of a spouse. It’s hard to even imagine life without that person.

Though there’s no cure for that kind of grief, surrounding yourself with loving friends and family and having a support system already in place before that time can at least give you a measure of comfort.

Medicare alleviates some of the common worries

Overall, the right Medicare plan can give you peace of mind in many of these areas.

For example, a Silver Sneakers program can help you stay fit and active, as well as give you a group of peers to hang out with on a regular basis.

Finding a plan that adequately covers your medical needs will lower your stress levels.

To find the best Medicare plan for you, talk with an independent insurance expert at UROne who has the skills and knowledge to pinpoint exactly what you need. Call us at 800-722-7331.