Nine Health Concerns for Millennials

November 15, 2018

Each generation has its own health concerns.

While there’s no reason to be afraid, it’s a good idea to be aware so that you can be proactive about prevention.

Knowing what’s out there can also inform the decisions you make about your health care, especially during the season of Marketplace Open Enrollment, the period during which you can obtain coverage or make changes to your existing plan.

Let’s take a look at nine common health concerns for millennials.

1. Antibiotics are taking a nosedive

Antibiotics were an amazing invention and they have been curing infections for decades.

The problem is that antibiotics are losing their effectiveness as human beings build up a tolerance to them.

2. Alcohol abuse

Binge drinking may seem like a harmless night with your pals, but it has serious ramifications for your health.

Not sure if your indulgence falls into the category of binge drinking?

Any drinking session that involves consuming five or more drinks in two hours or less is considered a binge.

That’s no way to treat your liver.

3. Singleness

Much of society has deemed marriage an outdated concept.

The problem with this is that being single can have physical and mental implications for millennials.

In fact, some studies say that being single can be as dangerous for your health as smoking or obesity.

The bottom line is that being in a healthy relationship gives your physical and mental state a boost.

4. Mental health

Panic and anxiety disorders are also prevalent in this generation.

Whatever the reason, this is a huge health concern for millennials.

5. Negative relationships

Just like a healthy relationship can be great for your mental well-being, a bad relationship can negatively affect your health.

This is a common mistake, but it’s a costly one.

If you’re in an unhealthy relationship, get out.

6. Obesity

As a whole, millennials don’t eat very well.

A majority admit that they regularly consume soda and junk food.

The result is a generation with higher obesity rates than their parents’ generation.

Of course, obesity leads to heart disease, diabetes and a whole host of other health concerns.

7. Sexually-transmitted diseases

These preventable infections and diseases are running rampant in this generation.

If you choose to be sexually active, use a condom and save yourself a whole lot of pain, embarrassment and money.

8. Lack of activity

The digital world has nearly overtaken the real one.

Electronics are king and many people walking down the street are focused on a smartphone.

On the positive side, walking is better than sitting, which is what most millennials are doing more than any other generation.

Avoid sitting around too much. It can lead to neck pain, headaches and eye strain.

Plus, the feeling of social isolation can add to feelings of depression and anxiety.

Put the phone down and get moving.

9. Stress

Millennials share one distinction with Generation X.

They’re both ridiculously stressed out.

Job hunting can take a toll on you mentally and physically. Such worrying can lead to depression and even negatively affect your heart.

Lessening health concerns for millennials

Much of what is ailing this generation of people can be prevented and/or managed.

Be smart with what you do with your body – from your activity level to the food you eat and the people you interact with.

Another way millennials can alleviate some of the burdens weighing on them is to find the right health care plan.

Knowing that you have an issue and not having insurance will only increase your anxiety.

Talk with an experienced health insurance professional today who can help you find the right plan that fits your unique needs and your budget.

Which of these issues are a factor in your life? Are you sufficiently covered to deal with them?

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