How to Get a High-Quality Medicare Plan

November 21, 2018

It happens every fall. Just as the leaves are sure to change, the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period begins.

It’s prime time to sign up for a Medicare plan, and it’s an opportunity to make changes to your existing plan.

If you want to go beyond the standard benefits included in Medicare Parts A and B (Original Medicare), a Medicare Advantage plan may be right for you.

It features the highest-quality benefits available and can offer you peace of mind when it comes to your health care.

What is Medicare Advantage?

While original Medicare is administered by the federal government, Medicare Advantage Plans are sold through private insurance companies.

These plans include Part A and Part B benefits, along with additional coverage such as vision and dental care.

They will also typically feature case management services, disease management programs, nurse help hotlines, coverage for personal care, home infusion and durable medical equipment, and fitness benefits.

Quality counts

Your health can be greatly affected by the quality of your health insurance plan.

Studies show that Medicare Advantage beneficiaries get significant benefits from the plan, as a direct result of having access to quality health care.

These plans have helped patients get better care that leads to a lower readmission rate, more visits to primary care physicians, lower hospital admission rates and shorter hospital stays.

There’s even more evidence of the quality of care. Medicare Advantage beneficiaries report significant satisfaction with the plan.

Reduced costs

There are a number of ways to reduce health care costs with a Medicare Advantage plan:

  1. While Medicare fee-for-service plans do not offer out-of-pocket maximums, Medicare Advantage plans do. Therefore, if you rack up catastrophic health care expenses, your financial security will be at risk, unless you have a Medicare Advantage plan with a limited out-of-pocket cost.
  2. The plan will reduce your medical expenses overall because your premiums for Part B and Part D will be lower. The coverage helps limit cost-sharing for services covered by Medicare, such as inpatient hospital stays and primary care visits to your physician.
  3. If you have a chronic illness, the plan will help reduce overall costs you incur from related treatments.
  4. Because the policy also limits hospital stays and readmissions, you’ll save on health care expenses.

Take advantage of the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

Now is the time to make a change to your current Medicare plan. Don’t miss out.

Make your health a priority and consider getting a Medicare Advantage plan.

For help assessing a Medicare Advantage health insurance plan during the Annual Enrollment Period, contact UROne Benefits™ today at 1-800-722-7331.