Spring Is Around the Corner: Here’s How to Get a Healthier You

March 20, 2017

Spring is coming, which has many of us thinking of getting in better shape.

Here’s how to get on the path to a healthier you:

  • Eat breakfast. This very important meal helps you start your day on the right foot. Overnight, while you’re sleeping, your metabolism slows down. Eating a nutritious meal in the morning jumpstarts your metabolism, helping your body stay energized and squashing cravings. Make sure this meal is full of fiber and protein, like oatmeal or eggs.
  • Choose whole foods. Whole foods such as grains, fruit, vegetables and protein are the best foods for you. Choose these over processed foods like chips and crackers. The MyPlate guide is a good one to follow. Imagine your plate, cut in half. Fill one side with vegetables and fruit, and then divide the empty half into quarters. Fill one quarter with protein ( lean chicken, fish or beans) and the other quarter with whole grains (brown rice or pasta).
  • Don’t be afraid of fat. While fats have gotten a bad rap, healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, olive oil and avocados are good for you. They help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. These fats will also fill you up and decrease your hunger so you won’t snack in between meals.
  • Choose packaged foods wisely. Many packaged foods are bad for you, but some are OK in moderation. Read the labels carefully and avoid any packaged foods that contain partially hydrogenated oils, which clog arteries with trans fats. Examples of good snacks are hummus with carrots, a slice or two of cheese and whole-grain crackers.
  • Watch portions. In an ideal world, you would cook all of your meals from scratch and know exactly what you were eating. But in the real world, we entertain clients, attend networking events and enjoy social time with friends. And these kinds of events usually involve food. When you’re out on the town, opt for small portions when you don’t know exactly what you’re eating or can’t control the use of oils and healthy fats.

These tips will help you attain better health keep health care costs down. If you’d like to ask questions about health insurance, contact UROne Benefits today.