The Age 65+ Workforce: What’s the Best Health Insurance Solution for the Employees and Employers?

November 1, 2023

For employers, workers aged 65 and over add a needed dimension of experience and knowledge to the workforce. Individuals working beyond age 65 is a growing trend, and they have options for health care coverage.

That’s why employees turning 65 are inundated with Medicare plan information online, by mail, by phone and through well-meaning (but often misinformed) family and friends.

Employer health care insurance is complicated, and Medicare is no exception. The more informed each employee is regarding Medicare, the greater the opportunity for them to consider coverage that may better match their personal needs. Medicare plans are available that require no monthly premium, providing comprehensive coverage with additional benefits and services such as dental, vision, hearing, and meal and transportation services.

However, without knowing how to evaluate their options, many employees aged 65+ could potentially be missing out on lower costs, as well as the added benefits included in Medicare Advantage plans. Helping them understand Medicare health insurance options can add to employee satisfaction and also reduce their personal and company health care costs.

Oswald and UROne Benefits™ provide personal services to help each employee and spouse aged 65 and older understand Medicare and help them compare their company plan to the variety of Medicare options available.

Our staff of professional Medicare specialists will offer personal assistance, information and education from the first phone call or email. Now is a great time to include this information in your fall open enrollment materials. It may also help younger employees who are assisting their parents as they make their Medicare coverage choices.

If you would like more information on how we can help your employees who are eligible for Medicare, please contact:

Matt Miklos
Vice President of Individual Medicare Solutions 
UROne Benefits™