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You have always provided me with the best coverage and in my price range. Prior to going on Medicare when the Marketplace started up, I thought I would check with them to see what they would offer. They gave me a lower price than what I was paying with you. I called one of your agents and they checked out the information I was told. It was wrong. The cost was for someone over 20 years younger than me. I called Marketplace back and, after having to finally talk with a supervisor, it was confirmed that the price was wrong by a couple hundred dollars! When I was 64, the policy price became too expensive for me. I called and talked with you and said I would have to drop my insurance totally. The agent saved the day by telling me about a low-cost, short-term, affordable plan that would carry me until I was eligible for Medicare. Most recently, after being on Medicare and a supplemental policy for more than five years, I thought there was probably nothing more your company could do for me. I am not on any medications. However, you notified me of a different supplemental company offering a special enrollment for a plan with much lower monthly premiums. What an offer! I am well pleased with my new plan!

Susan L., customer since 2011

Your timely support, comprehensive knowledge and proven trustworthy guidance puts us at ease when making decisions.

Customer since 2010

Very professional, personable and honest. Good with people and give the impression that you care (about) providing the best information to meet clients’ needs. Thank you for your caring and promptness.

Oksana D., customer since 2011

Keep customers informed of changes to their contracts and search for best deal, rather than just cheap pricing.

Paul D., customer since 2016

You have always had the best interest of your clients in mind when making any recommendations.

Customer since 2007

Considerate, informative and well directed by UROne with and by Judy and her staff. We are in good hands by ongoing questions being answered and by being educated about making wise choices about our health care coverage with UROne. Thank you!

Beth D., customer since 2015

I have been on Medicare for 2 years and have been very happy with how Mr. Grisanti enrolled me in the plans that best suited me. Obviously, Medicare options are overwhelming when having to confront that beast on my own scrutiny, evaluation and eventual choice. He chose my best options and I’ve been very pleased. I have recommended a very good friend, and she has been pleased so far with how things have gone for her.

Customer since 2018

Any time I have contacted you with questions, I have always had them answered promptly and accurately.

Customer since 2016

You helped with a major decision that we had trouble deciding on.

Customer since 2020

Health benefits are a commodity. Understanding them and applying them is an art. Very professional, responsive and timely when it was a crunch. Can’t ask for more.

Kenneth E., customer since 2020

Always very helpful and concerned about getting the best coverage for us at the best price.

Customer since 2006

Karin and I have recommended your service to many friends who ask us about health insurance coverage. As an insurance agent myself, I don’t write this line of coverage but I am very willing to refer your service based on the feedback we get from our friends.

Thomas H., customer since 2006

I think the customer service is very good. Judy Piper explains all the options and makes it very clear. I have been a customer for a long time and have no plans on changing. Thank you.

Karen H., customer since 2012

Excellent review of the switch to Medicare. Truly appreciate all your assistance and follow up. THANKS! Recommend you all without question.

Customer since 2005

It was really helpful to have someone work with us to navigate the Medicare choices and offerings and help me determine the best choices for my situation. Also, you’ve been available and helpful every time I’ve had even a minor question. I’ve been very happy with the choices that you helped me make!

Mark D., customer since 2018

You were professional and extremely efficient.

Catherine M., customer since 2020

You make sure to give us options and opinions as to what is best for us yearly. Always friendly!

Customer since 2016

I liked how Judy Piper gave me the information without pressure on which policy to choose. I have already recommended her to others for help choosing a Medicare supplement. Thank you, Judy!

Carol H., customer since 2020

Annual contact to ensure everything is in order and whether any changes need to be made.

Ronald C., customer since 2012