Dental + Vision

Dental Plans

Access the Dental Coverage You Need

No more worrying about how you’re going to pay for dental work!

Customized for You

Choose from a variety of plans that offer varying coverage, premiums and copayments. Select the plan that best fits your needs!

Adjust Coverage Based on Your Budget

As your lifestyle or financial situation changes, you can update or change your coverage to match these needs and your budget, too.

Vision Plans

Offset Your Vision Expenses

The costs associated with eye exams, glasses or contacts can add up. A vision plan can help with these expenses.

Protect Your Health

Don’t let a vision problem go unchecked, affecting your quality of life. You can ensure your health is on the right track with a vision plan.

Add it to Your Existing Health Insurance Plan

You can purchase a vision plan is a standalone policy to your Medicare coverage and make sure that your vision needs are met.